Job Listing

The Foreman will lead the crew of painters in all aspects of painting. The Foreman will ensure that surface preparation, hand and power tool cleaning, pressure washing and sand blasting is done to specification.

Job Summary: Oversee, supervise and coordinate the daily operations on the job sites. Responsible for the overall progress of projects, oversees the scheduling of workers and the delivery of equipment and materials. Leads and directs the work of production crew including Painters and Foremen.

Job Summary: Responsible for implementing effective strategic sales plan in conjunction with senior leadership for revenue and profitability goal achievement. Manage sales process and supporting employees. Accountable for revenue and profitability goals as outlined in business plan.

Job Summary: Ensure surface preparation is complete per the specification, including hand and power tool cleaning, pressure washing and sand blasting. Apply various paints and coatings to substrates including concrete, metal and wood in primarily industrial locations.